__I shall use the second post for that. I wish to have a place to store all/both of my writings. Also, this article by Gary North has some convincing reasons to start a blog. (it has never occurred to me to send him anything to proofread, so no, that wasn’t me.) So I have started this blog to practice the ancient art of writing. I expect there are many people who have said things much better than I, but I’ll never know unless I try.

___Oh, and about the title. I wished very much to call it Three Sheets to the Wind, but that isn’t exactly relevant, so I scratched that idea. Depending on how my writing goes, some may think that a better title. (I hope not.) Between the devil and the deep blue sea means to be in a tight spot. Some people think (the wise, clever ones) that it derives from a nautical origin. says:

“Devil – the seam between the deck planking and the topmost plank of the ship’s side”.

This seam would need to be watertight and would need filling (caulking) from time to time. On a ship at sea this would presumably require a sailor to be suspended over the side, or at least stand at the very edge of the deck. Either way it is easy to see how that might be described as ‘between the devil and the deep sea’.

__Some people do not think it has a nautical origin. Those are the people who get their livings debunking legends. However, in all fairness, I must include that as a possibility.

{_Not having discovered that most pertinent bit of information on how to begin paragraphs in this format, I am driven to use Underscore.  I may drop it, depending on which is more annoying; having lines before every paragraph, or having everything look as if it was run through a sizer.}

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