David Barton and Chris Rodda

This is a reply I sent to a friend of mine who asked me about this video.

Interesting video.  I like Barton, but I don’t put a great deal of stock in what he says simply because it is way too neat.  (ETA: Think of scripture.  You get the whole nine yards about Judah and his daughter in law, Jacob and Esau, David, Solomon, Peter, you name it.  The bible portrays people as they are, not as they ought to be.)  I haven’t read the letter she is referring to, so I cannot comment.  (Incidentally, she didn’t show a copy of the letter either.)    I think this lady has an ax to grind, and I was not impressed by her ad hominim tone beginning at 12:40. She has her view, and she makes a fairly good case for it, but she doesn’t give any sources where I can look it up.  So, I am left with taking her word for it, or Barton’s.  And you want to know something? By the looks of the web site this video was posted, the progressives take her word for it.  Apparently the conservatives take his. Everyone eats up what they already believe anyway.  (Must go buy a copy of Adams’ letters.)

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