O.k, so I have to vote in the primary election.  I’ve decided to put down some thoughts on how I go about voting, in case anyone running for office stops by looking for ideas.

I am a skeptical voter type, and I can’t stand nice, I-am-a-good guy statements in the voter pamphlet.  I am also suspicious of “Together we can” type things.  I just want the bare facts, guys.

I think it’s  easier to tell if you like someone from their speaking, rather than their writing.  Maybe it’s because in speaking you don’t have the benefit of editing. When a candidate is speaking, he should say something you could actually repeat.  Not a long string of words strung together that don’t really meaning anything.  I would like to come away challenged to think about what the candidate said, even if I do not agree.  I dislike being talked down to or having someone try and buddy up to me in political ads. I mean, come on.  Do you really suppose I need to be treated like a preschooler?  Working from the assumption that both of us are adults, we should be able to have a coherent conversation.  If I get the inkling you are talking to hear your head rattle, there has to be some pretty bad candidates before I will consider voting for you.

I dislike people who talk about what they are going to do for me, especially if it includes money.  That is when I know I’m going to be stuck for the bill, even if they earnestly they tell me only those that are rich will be taxed.   This one category pretty much knocks off two thirds of the population of candidates.  Interestingly enough, it not only crosses out democrats, it crosses out Republicans.  They all like spending other people’s money, just on different things.

I do pay attention to endorsements.  If you are endorsed by lawyers guilds, unions, education associations,  or previous candidates who don’t know what they’re there for, it is a strike against you.  If you are endorsed by people I like and trust, that is a point in your favor.

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