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Philippians 1:2

Grace to you and Peace, from God our father and our Lord Jesus Christ. Finally, we get to the greeting. This one was easy to remember for me.  “Grace to you” is a radio program to which I never listen, … Continue reading

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Philippians Verse 1

OK, let’s see if I can type this properly without looking. Phil. 1:1 Paul and Timothy, servants of Christ Jesus, to the saints in Christ Jesus who are at Philippi, and the overseers and deacons: Nope, it is as follows: … Continue reading

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Memorizing Philippians

A friend of mine invited me to memorize the entire book of Philippians by Easter.  I shall inform anyone who wants to know of my progress on this pitiful blog.  I wouldn’t read my own blog if it weren’t mine.  … Continue reading

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Jonathan Rourke impersonating CJ

This is an impersonation of CJ Mahaney as done by Jonathan Rourke. Anyone who has seen CJ Mahaney speak will understand.  Those who don’t get it, that’s all right.

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Nota Bene

So, this Latin phrase means note well or note carefully.  Sometimes you see it abbreviated n.b. Well, I didn’t when I went to vote.  We have two initiatives on the ballot in Washington State regarding hard liquor.  The ballot summary … Continue reading

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The Cat

A Blog must have writing; otherwise no one wants to read it. Well, when writing political topics I like to make sure I have my facts checked out because if I don’t, someone else will.  That could prove unpleasant.  It … Continue reading

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Zulu: The Battle of Rorke’s Drift

The film (Zulu) starts with an account of the military disaster of Isandhlwana; 1500 British soliders were slaughtered at their encampment. The news reaches Rorke’s Drift and preparations for battle commence. Continue reading

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